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Mars in Retrograde

Mars in Retrograde

Heads up-my father was an astrophysicist and didn't believe in this. However, since he passed I find astrology fascinating. Everyone I know who has worked in hospitals has talked about the full moon effect-I went in to labor earlier than expected during a full moon. So what is it? The past 36 hours have been full of changes and odd unpleasantness. Nothing devastating but just bizarre. Here is a list of things in no particular order that have happened to me since Sunday night.

1. Our air conditioning fritzed out during a heatwave. It is fixed and we were out of the house for most of the day but it was horrible while it was happening. Telling your warranty customer service rep about your small child and 2 cats did not impress her either. It's working again but we are aware our AC is on it's last legs.

2. I have had awful stomach issues fixed by Pepto Bismol at the moment but some close calls. Sigh....

3. Migraines. Hey.

4. The internet not connecting to my home desktop.

5. One of our browsers not working for me at all and slowing down my work flow to a crawl.

6. Watering my plants and knocking over a potted succulent. Dirt was all over my desk.

7. Then in the middle of watering plants: over-watering my bamboo so water got everywhere.

8. Our exit home being closed.

9. Trying to escape downtown and realizing that roads were closed for festivities.

10. Leaving my phone at work.

11. Going back and getting my phone and almost hopping in the wrong gray car.

12. Awful carsickness.

13. Opening my LUSH package and the soap had completely melted. Apparently, there was a melt warning. But still...they were nice enough to give me a gift card.

14. Opening up a skirt that I ordered thinking it was my size and having it be twice the size I needed. Like I thought I could wear it as a dress-still too big.

15. My son continually waking up at night and not going down.

16. My husband trying to replace our lights and getting the wrong ones.

17. Driving to work and nothing being good on the radio, then in the middle of the billionth Phil Collins song hearing a weird sound. There was a ginormous gypsy moth in my car at the driver side window. I rolled down the window and it flew out but it was scary. It was so big.

18. Attempting to save money and have expenses come up. Yay.

So apparently, this week is just going to be like this. We are also going on vacay so we'll see how this goes. I'm an Aries rising and a Taurus so according to astrology this is not going to be easy. I love Chani Nicholas and this is what she has to say about this time. I hope you all are well. Do you believe in astrology? Do you find it interesting? Let me know.

“I don’t believe in astrology; I’m a Sagittarius and we’re skeptical.”
— Arthur C. Clarke
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