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Gift Like a Mother! : A Curated Selection of Mother's Day Gifts Chosen By an Actual Mom

Gift Like a Mother! : A Curated Selection of Mother's Day Gifts Chosen By an Actual Mom

The following contains affiliate links. I may be compensated if you purchase from them. All opinions are my own.


It’s that time of the year again, Mothers Day. As a new(ish) Mom I feel like I can finally speak for my mom people. Basically, we want affection and validation we are people. Oh and a more equitable world for mothers where our emotional and physical labor is respected. In lieu of those things, if you know a mom or have one to buy for. Here are some gifts I would suggest getting for the mom in your life. These are curated by me from my affiliates but I would like any of these things. Have fun looking through them.

Brief History of Mother's Day

Shampoo bars, conditioners, soaps, and stainless steel straws

I am all about sustainability. Am I perfect? No. I looked at my life and my choices and tried to figure out places where I could cut down waste. It’s been surprisingly easy and it has helped me be more mindful. I know a lot of trash is from the bathroom, so I looked for ways to reduce my waste there. I started using shampoo bars which I was really nervous about using. My hair is fine. Bar soaps are great too. If you get a good one your skin is so supple. I also drink a lot of tea and water at work. I started using stainless steel straws and it is a conversation starter. It’s been fun using them. I know that it’s a small thing but it’s not hurting anyone. Here are some things I found. These are also some nice items that someone would use that are part of self-care.

Motherhood, Barbara Kingsolver

Embroidered Shoes

I am an affiliate with Mindy Mae’s Market. I love these shoes. They add just a lovely pop of color to an outfit and I love subtle things that bring your eye to them. If things don’t speak to you or make you smile, why purchase them? These are a way to celebrate individuality.

Mindy Mae's Market, embroidered keds

Scents from Skylar

I’m an affiliate with Skylar. It was started by a woman who used to work at the Honest Company and it is a way of finding high-quality scents that don’t have a bunch of allergens and harmful chemicals. I’m a big fan of telling people “everything is a chemical. It’s not the poison it’s the dose.” All of which is true, however, the beauty industry is not regulated in this country. We really don’t know what is in a lot of them. I started looking for clean beauty items and honestly, my skin has never looked better. This company also donates part of their proceeds to Step Up which is a mentoring program for underprivileged high school girls.I know it’s a classic gift. My Grandpa used to give my Grandma White Shoulders. This is a way to do it that gives back and is simply lovely.

Coral This fragrance has hints of grapefruit and a touch of apple blossom.
Meadow This fragrance has notes of tuberose, jasmine, and orange blossom.
Arrow This fragrance has midnight jasmine, warm patchouli, and vanilla
Isle This fragrance has subtle citrus and spiced sandalwood.

Organic Apparel

I am an affiliate for Coalatree which has a bunch of eco-friendly outdoorsy stuff. Guys, guys, I work out in the morning three days a week and I sweat like crazy. So, I like to have a hoodie to wear afterward to absorb some of that sweat in my car. Sexy huh? Practical yes! Also, as a working lady, most of my work clothes don’t have adequate pockets neither do my workout clothes. Lightweight hoodies are perfect for going around a park or putting over athleisure on weekends when movement is key. I wanted to be affiliated with Coalatree because they use organic and recycled materials. These are great for trips, every day, and are just cute. Also, the mom in your life will love it because it’s trying to use a sustainable business model for a better world.

The Evolution hoodie is actually made from spent coffee grounds and offers UV protection. It’s on IndieGogo so it is being tested and will take a bit to get but it’s a cool way to invest in new technology. I am all about sustainable stuff and this is great. So even though I live in Ohio, I have a lot of family out West. They are avid outdoors people and when Rhys was born they gave us a lot of UV protected blankets for him. Having a kid you spend a lot more time outdoors than you did previously. It’s good to have clothes for this time in your life where you spend a lot times at parks or exploring trails in your city.

You can purchase this  here .

You can purchase this here.

You can purchase this  here.

You can purchase this here.

Organic Body Lotion

If you know me in real life, you may have noticed I’ve stopped wearing my wedding ring. Not because I’m breaking up with my husband, sorry to break your heart, Chris Evans, you’ll find the right woman someday, but because my eczema is out of control. I’ve been moisturizing my skin obsessively since I was 14. This is an unscented formula from Organic Bath Co which has won several beauty awards including Kristen Arnett’s Green Team Beauty Award. Also, being a mom means less time for yourself and so my showers are my me-time. This is a gift that keeps on giving and allows moms to have a luxury item they will use every day and is a great way to encourage self-care. Seriously, when you have kids you are absolutely drained. This kind of thing is really lovely. Think of how great it is when you go on a trip and you get to try new bath and body products? This is a way to spoil a mom.

You can purchase this product  here.

You can purchase this product here.

A colorful print dress

Betabrand is a place I shopped before I became an affiliate. I love them. Basically, they are a social networking place where people can work with designers to have fashion that works for them. See dress yoga pants.  I love supporting creative ideas and being on the ground floor of trends. They have an RBG leopard print shirt that you can preorder. Here’s a super cute dino dress that I would wear to an outdoor concert or to a farmer’s market. Highly suggested.

Hiding-Dino Sundress - $68.60

A classic, pullover sundress featuring a custom dinosaur-painting print.

An animal print wrap dress

I’m an affiliate for Cents of Style. Some of you know, I’m a little picky about my clothes. Meaning, I don’t like things that try too hard or a lot of things that are marketed to moms. When I was pregnant I saw some of the things I could get once I was a “boy mom” and I realized that Rhys would just have to deal with how fabulous his mom was. I was not going to dull my style because I had kids. Have I had to change it to be more practical, yes? Are there some trends that aren’t for me? Completely. I’m in my mid to late thirties. However, I have really enjoyed the options and the subtle things at Cents of Style. I would wear this dress all the time. I could wear it to work, I could wear it on a date, I could wear it in spring and fall. I could dress it up with a blazer and I could dress it down with a denim jacket. It would look great with a bold lip. I think a lot about clothes. I did before I had kids but now that when I go out it’s precious I will plan an outfit top to bottom. Here’s what I would wear with this dress. If any of you would like me to style you from my affiliate stores, I would be more than happy to.

Valia Snakeskin Wrap Dress

from: Cents of Style

Akira-09 Crushed Velvet Heel

from: Cents of Style

Custom Art

I’m a Minted customer and affiliate. There is nothing I love more than custom things. Truly, it’s amazing. I love how personal things are and I love to display things that mean something to my life so that when guests walk in they know a little bit about my family’s story. This artwork is elegant and beautiful and commemorates your wedding day or it could be the birth of your child. It’s special and lovely and highly suggested.

A dang Cricut machine

You are with a crafty person- splurge and get them this. There are tons and tons of things you can do with a Cricut. Go to Pinterest and Cricut your heart away. Like t-shirts and mugs with sassy playlist slogans? Cricut. Want to personalize things for your kiddo? Cricut.

In conclusion: treat the mother in your life.

I hope these gifts help! What is the best gift you have ever received as a mother? This year my husband and I are going to see The 1975. Ha! I hope you have a wonderful day with the people you hold dear. It’s a tricky holiday because motherhood can feel like an exclusive club for people who don’t have biological kids or have gone through a catastrophic loss in their families or are simply estranged. However, you choose to celebrate make sure you include anyone who has made you feel loved and safe. We’re all in this together. So many women I know talk about how hard it is to navigate being a parent alone and we miss the village. Maybe use mother’s day as a way to make your village bigger.

George Eliot, motherhood
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