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Welcome to my blog. I like to look for eclectic and chic things. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures in balancing motherhood, work, and other good things. I hope my ideas are intriguing to you and you subscribe to my newsletter. If you get that reference, we'll be friends. If not, I'm pretty sure we'll be friends too. Have a great day!

A Few of My Favorite Things! : Namely shopping...

A Few of My Favorite Things! : Namely shopping...

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The following contains affiliate links. I may be compensated if you purchase from them. All opinions are my own.

If you have known me for any amount of time, you know I love to shop. I love it. I every aspect of shopping except the lighting in dressing rooms. My husband hates shopping and we really are opposites attract in this regard. That being said, I am an affiliate blogger meaning certain companies use me to promote their products. I get tips for affiliate marketing in my inbox and as a Midwesterner, I am really struggling with seamlessly integrating these things into my posts. I feel like if I do it’s an ad like this:

I also like talking about ideas and that’s hard to integrate the product into things. Then I struggle with “what do people really need?” and “Am I the one to tell them?” But then I look at my daycare bills, and I’m like “have you heard of this great promotion from Amazon?”

It’s complicated and I would like to make a little extra income with this blog. I’m not asking for much. I read some visualizing money books and they really didn’t speak to me. I really feel like that is a scam because you can’t really wish for money. My issues aren’t really that I don’t appreciate money enough. It’s that I have a kid and I went from working full time to part time and my son goes to daycare. Again, this is coming from an incredible place of privilege and something that I am not complaining about. I just like to be successful in what I do and I would like to be paid for my time and energy. That’s my money mantra. I do think if you get too focused on money it’s a bad thing. It’s a terrifying concept really. You want to make something personal, mess with someone’s money. I read marketing things that were suggested by the fabulous Authentic Narrative and this blog has allowed me to meet so many incredible women in Columbus who are living their dreams and hustling hard. It’s incredible.

However, once you kind of know how the sausage is made you look at blogs in a different light. If you choose to use one of the affiliate links I want to promote good products and I want you to know you are putting money in a good place. You could spend your time and money anywhere. I appreciate any and all support (from viewing my writing to supporting it in any way). If you use an Amazon link from my page and you buy anything from Amazon using that link- I can get money. That’s why you will see some blogs that relentlessly promote Amazon for that reason. Some places like Warby Parker pay you by leads. My next pair of glasses will be from there and they have some cute stuff. Have you seen their Leith Clark Collection? I noticed a writer I like promoting Warby Parker on Instagram and I was like “well that’s the one to do it with.” I’m still trying to figure out how this works but I’m really honest and I’m fortunate in my job that I don’t have to market anything. I don’t have that training. I used to sell merch for my friend’s band and I was a prolific seller of Girl Scout cookies. I’m struggling with trying to be my authentic self and still promote these products. It’s a skill set I’m learning. So without further ado...here are some are products I’m affiliated with that I would actually support.

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My Doublehood

One of the moms in my mom group suggested this place called Mindy Mae’s Market online. I saw that they were looking for affiliates and I applied and got in. That’s when I started checking out their stuff. I liked that they had two models that were different sizes. It was the little things but that is considerate. The models also aren’t airbrushed as far as I can tell. I started looking at their Doublehoods and I really debated getting one. They seemed to be really popular. What tipped me over the edge is that my weekend wardrobe has completely changed since having a kid. My clothes have to be functional and I need to be able to move in them. Seriously, if you have a toddler you know you have to be a ninja to keep them away from elevators. Also, my kiddo hates my crazier fashion choices. He hates it when I wear faux fur and wigs. He likes his mom to be “Athleisure Mommy.” When I go out, yes I look different than when I’m with my son but I need practical cute stuff. This is where the Doublehood came in. My favorite spring memories are around my firepit or just finally getting out in nature. This hoodie is perfect for that. It’s comfy and it’s light enough so you don’t sweat too much but warm enough you don’t need to layer up. In short, it’s something colorful I could wear to the playground and wear during a backyard barbecue. Let’s be real, that’s the best part of warmer weather. So I love this and I look forward to wearing it on trips and around my firepit. Again, it’s at Mindy Mae’s Market.

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Boho Curtains

I hate to sound like Mrs. Elton from Emma, but one thing I am complimented on a lot in my home are my curtains. I geeked out when I found out I could rep Lush (BTW they are having a flash sale on throws 50% off with the code THROWS50). Rhys has a fox throw of theirs and I have an elephant throw from there. The back of it is so white that you can use it for flat lays. We used it as the background in Rhys’ newborn pics. I’m talking multifunctional things. What I’m trying to say is that I want to use my impulse buys to educate you if they are good. I have never regretted anything I purchased from Lush. We have these curtains in our front room and I love that people can see it from our window and kind of get an idea of what our home is like and what decor we enjoy. Seriously, the patterns are gorgeous.

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Shopping is my Cardio

Stationery from Minted

I first heard about Minted from Mindy Kaling on Twitter. She’s an icon and her style is on point. I love her so much. I use them for my holiday cards every year. They also have free addressing and it’s gorgeous. They are just beautiful and I love everything about them. The free addressing is such a time saver and I love it. It also features graphic designers at the top of their game so you kind of get to be ahead of trends. We were fortunate enough to have a friend design our wedding invites but if we had not had that...we would have definitely used Minted. I love this design and how delicate it is. You need to find a balance. The best part of shopping is discerning your taste and think there is a lot here for all kinds of tastes. I loved this design.

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Leopard Cardigan from Cents of Style

I saw a flash sale for this and I just wanted to check out their wares. In 2011, my roomies had a cardigan intervention to keep me from continuing to buy cardigans from H&M and those have lasted me a good 8 years and two professional jobs! But they are started to get worn down and getting holes in them so I need to upgrade. I have a hot pink leopard cardigan that I wear all the time but I wanted a more neutral one. I love leopard because it goes with everything but is still eye-catching. Anyway, I’m wearing it today and it is soft and lightweight. It is perfect for layering over a sundress or a t-shirt and jeans. I look forward to drinking a glass of wine by my firepit in it. I also plan on wearing it for a concert later in May. Yes, I am planning my outfits this early. Yes, I don’t get out as much as I used to. Why do you ask? Anyway, here is the link. I really like this shirt and I like the quality of it. It’s a cute boutique and very different from what I thought it would be.

A few of my favorite things

Again, I hope that you enjoy what I posted and I appreciate any support via viewing my page, sharing my pins on Pinterest, or just talking to me about what I write. I hope you enjoy my page. This is just me experimenting with marketing. My next post will be about Mansfield Park...buckle up. Love you. I hope your week is going swimmingly!

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