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Let's See How This Goes: Packing for a  Beach Trip

Let's See How This Goes: Packing for a Beach Trip

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Let’s See How This Goes

Last year I wrote about packing for a lake trip. I was just starting blogging and look where I am now! Somewhat better. My family is going to the beach for a week and my spring has been so crazy, that it’s finally set in that summer is here. It’s exciting and we can’t wait to take a break. However, that means we have to get our household in order and head out. Having a kid means that our old packing ways have gone out the window. I used to be a master at packing things in an overnight bag but that doesn’t cut it for a week and with a toddler. So I created some templates to print out with checklists (I love having lists) and I hope these help you when you are going out. Sometimes you are like, yes I know to pack sunscreen but as a parent, you often get overwhelmed so it’s nice to just have a list to check off. I also have heard packing cubes are great so we might invest in them. I either have too much or too little. Things I’ve learned, remember contact solution, it never hurts to pack a swimsuit, and pack extra underwear. Those are my patented tips. Also, always wear sunscreen and apply it liberally. This year my family started using mineral sunscreens to be more friendly to coral reefs. It’s been incredibly helpful. We also prefer organic bug spray. It works just as well. My son likes his board books and simple toys when we travel. I hope you like my lists and they help you with your summer packing.

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Family Beach Vacation Packing List

Adult Clothes

  1. Basic flip flops.

  2. Fancy Sandals

  3. Dress shoes

  4. Sneakers

  5. Socks

  6. Underwear

  7. Sports bras

  8. Regular bras

  9. Athleisure

  10. Shorts

  11. T-shirts you can sweat through. I am in this weird limbo where I have shirts that are too fancy to wear on vacay.

  12. PJs. Since I’m staying with my family I actually have to get summer PJs instead of my go to, which is a t-shirt and no pants. Let me live my life!

  13. Swimwear.

  14. Sundress.

  15. Cover-up

  16. Nice dress for going out. We always try to find one nice restaurant we can go to on vacay. So you should have something to be prepared for it just in case.

  17. Sunglasses

  18. Jewelry that is fun but not devastating if you lose.

  19. Bracelet

  20. Sun hat

  21. Baseball hat.

Adult Toiletries

  1. Conditioner

  2. Hairbrush

  3. Comb for your toddler

  4. Travel dryer (in case you forget it).

  5. Contact solution

  6. Glasses

  7. Glasses case (I have forgotten this so many times)

  8. Foundation

  9. Pressed Powder

  10. Bronzer

  11. Travel eyeshadow palette (you want a smaller one. I always forget to take these out of my travel bag so I like to have one specifically for travel)

  12. Travel makeup brushes

  13. Lip Balm

  14. Lipstick

  15. Sheet mask

  16. Travel mascara

  17. Body Lotion

  18. Travel body wash

  19. Deodorant

  20. Hair ties

  21. Nail clippers

  22. Toothbrush

  23. Toothpaste

  24. Facial cleanser

  25. Sunscreen

  26. After sun spray GUYS! This stuff. It works wonders and your skin will thank you for it. You cool down and you just feel hydrated.

  27. The perfume you like so you can smell good when you travel.

  28. Hand Sanitizer

  29. Shampoo

What to Pack for a Beach Vacation Woman Printable

Beach Vacation Packing List Printable
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Toddler Toiletries

  1. Toothpaste

  2. Bath toys

  3. Bath towel

  4. Bath pitcher

  5. Baby lotion (We love this Burt’s Bee’s travel pack).

  6. Boogie Wipes

  7. Diapers

  8. Wipes

  9. Baby sunscreen

  10. Aloe

  11. Changing Pad

  12. Toothbrush

Toddler Beach Vacation Packing List Printable

Toddler Beach Packing List Printable
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Random Fun Stuff for the Beach

  1. Cooler

  2. Beach tote

  3. Beach read

  4. Sand toys

  5. Flotation device

  6. Beach chairs

  7. Snacks

  8. Stainless steel water bottles (These are great because you can fill them up with ice cubes and the water stays cool)

  9. Wet-dry bag

  10. Bug spray

  11. Beach Towels

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Random Trip Essentials

  1. Phone charger

  2. Lap top

  3. Charging device

  4. Book

  5. Phone

6. Streaming entertainment

I hope these beach vacation printables help

Let me know if you have beach essentials I left out. I hope you have a great summer and I hope these templates help! I love organizing things and I love graphic design. I’ll let you know what we did and how it goes. Packing is always stressful and I’m still figuring out how to efficiently do it with a kid. You don’t want to overpack but you do want to be prepared for things. I hope you all have great summer trips and these come in handy. Enjoy this list of stuff that toddlers would like at the beach.

Toddler Beach Bag Packing List Printable

Toddler Beach Bag Checklist
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