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Peppermint Hacks for the Holidays

Peppermint Hacks for the Holidays

Call me Peppy the Peppermint Bear…

If you’re like me and you are fortunate enough to have a lot of social engagements this time of year, it can be exhausting to think about bringing food to so many parties. For example, in the past 9 days I have been to about 5 parties where I was supposed to bring something You also have to save some for your family holidays as well and who could forget Santa? So I’m a busy working mama with a lot of friends. I love seeing people and while I normally like to spend time baking and cooking-I can’t budget the time. So I got inspired using some crushed peppermint and put together a few good recipes. These recipes took me all of 10-20 minutes to put together and all you need is some crushed peppermint to make them.

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Blue peppermint bark, holiday dessert

Yukon Cornelius Peppermint Bark

I’m obsessed with the midcentury and bright colors. I wanted to see how these two colors went together and it reminded me of the stop motion Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer. This looks different and takes no time to make. I made it while my son was eating dinner. I gave it as a gift to some of my favorite people.



  1. Put wax paper on a cookie sheet.

  2. Put blue candy melts in a microwave safe bowl. Start out cooking for 30 seconds take out and stir to help melt the candy. Gradually decrease cooking time to 20 seconds, 10 seconds, and 5 seconds with subsequent stirs. Use your judgement to make sure you don’t burn the melts. I’ve done it before. Ha! Make sure it’s smooth and creamy and you can’t visibly make out the original melt oval shape.

  3. Spread the candy evenly on the wax paper. Top with crushed peppermint and allow to cool. I put it in my fridge. You can put it in the freezer as well for about 20 minutes.

  4. Break the bark into pieces and put in containers.

    Notes: There are all kinds of colors for candy melts you might have to find them at a craft store or specialty grocery store. I’ve shown a picture so you’ll have an idea of what to get.

Blue candy melts
Sugar cookies, decorated cookies, frosting

Peppermint Buttercream Sandwich Cookies

I had a cookie decorating party for fun. It was awesome and it might be a tradition. I just created these with things in front of me and it was easy and friggin ‘ delicious. This recipe calls for a lot of pre-made ingredients but when you’ve got a potluck to get to…who cares? Next year I am going to make these for occasions.



  • Get two sugar cookies.

  • Add a healthy swath of icing to the bottom of one of the cookies Adjust it to your taste.

  • Top icing with crushed peppermint.

  • Place another sugar cookie on top of the iced cookie.

  • Top with Oh Fuudge. I just did a ring around the edge. You could top with a layer of chocolate buttercream. Decorate as you like. You can add sprinkles on top or royal icing and write out something or just do a simple design. These are fine with minimal decorations.

Notes: Soft sugar cookies add a contrast to the crunchy texture of the peppermint. It also just melts with the buttercream and just adds to the experience.

soft sugar cookies stacked

There you have it

I hope these peppermint hacks add some flavor and some low stress desserts to your holiday roster. You could easily make these with small children and they look beautiful and are easy to make. I hope the end of your calendar year is going well. All my love from Radiance Reflected.

I told you I was obsessed with midcentury stuff. This song is so cute. I love the Lawrence Welk aesthetic.

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