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Less Packaging in my Beauty Routine: DIY Lotion Bars

I love trying new beauty things but I also am working to make a sustainable future. I’ve looked at what I buy and what I can recycle and what I can’t. I’ve taken a good hard look at the packaging of my beauty materials and make better choices. I’ve been using shampoo bars which have been great and really nice soap. But I need body lotion and that has been difficult to find in easily recyclable containers.

Your music asks answered by a lady who has a song for that

I love music. I have always loved music. My respite since the first grade is listening to music by myself and getting lost in my thoughts. I’m one of those people iPods were made for because I needed that many gigabytes of music storage. I was looking up more MySpace quizzes and some of them were way...too personal. Like when I was 20-21, the stakes were lower. Now, I’m married and quite frankly I don’t want to go back to my embarrassing and frustrating single days. So I found this thing about Music Asks and that is one of those things that you can AMA me. So I hope you discover some deep cuts that you like.