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Unfollowed in Real Life: Setting Boundaries for Your Own Well-Being

Knowing that I obsess about things, I have made a point to have boundaries with people. It’s hard and it’s something I’m still learning. But boundaries have kept me sane. As as a woman in my thirties who decided to be a working mom and start a blog, I have had to set up boundaries to keep me conserving my energy. The other thing people don’t talk about with boundaries is that it allows you to focus on the people you let in your circle

5 Body Positive Affirmations For Days When You Need Them

I’ve written about this ad nauseum but something happened this week that really hit me. I posted something from one of the mom blogs that said something like “I think all women have beautiful bodies but I can’t accept my own.” I wrote “ouch” because I am so guilty of this. So many of my friends who (biased here) but are stone cold foxes, agreed. So it’s really easy to say “thick thighs save lives” but a whole other thing to live that mantra. Here are some things I’m trying to do and the ways I deal with these issues.