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Less Packaging in my Beauty Routine: DIY Lotion Bars

I love trying new beauty things but I also am working to make a sustainable future. I’ve looked at what I buy and what I can recycle and what I can’t. I’ve taken a good hard look at the packaging of my beauty materials and make better choices. I’ve been using shampoo bars which have been great and really nice soap. But I need body lotion and that has been difficult to find in easily recyclable containers.

Gift Like a Mother! : A Curated Selection of Mother's Day Gifts Chosen By an Actual Mom

It’s that time of the year again, Mothers Day. As a new(ish) Mom I feel like I can finally speak for my mom people. Basically, we want affection and validation we are people. Oh and a more equitable world for mothers where our emotional and physical labor is respected. In lieu of those things, if you know a mom or have one to buy for. Here are some gifts I would suggest getting for the mom in your life. These are curated by me from my affiliates but I would like any of these things. Have fun looking through them.