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Mansfield Park: the luxury of silence

First of all, before we start any critiques of the book we need to start out by saying that there are a lot of controversies surrounding the novel that are not always addressed. My husband and I watched part of the 1983 miniseries and it did not give as much depth to a really serious part of the book and one that is extremely controversial then and now. The owners of Mansfield Park were slave owners. No one knows exactly when the book was written so there are a lot of hidden meanings in the book if it was and what the setting was. Austen wrote a lot of books that were published later. In fact, a lot of her books were believed to have been set in the 1790s. Remember how I said you can’t tell that the books mentioned Napoleon and the French Revolution? This one alludes to some really important things that happened during her lifetime.

I am going to take a heroine whom no one but myself will much like: Reading Jane Austen's Emma

Why is this incredibly slow book a classic then? Why is the plot so meandering that even describing it can be boring? So it features a bunch of unlikeable people living in a small town and no one gets their comeuppance? True. This is very true. However, the nature of the book is on several levels. So the edition I read the notes were by a woman named Fiona Stafford. She argues that there a million layers to the book, not the least in the names.