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A Guide to Cape May, New Jersey

As a Midwesterner who didn’t have family on the East Coast, I knew nothing about New Jersey except for what was on TV or in Bruce Springsteen songs. So I knew the show Jersey Shore from the show. By the way, rewatching that show I think it worked because it kind of showed that it wasn’t where you were but who you were with. Honestly, it worked because all of those people were a little self-aware and they were genuinely having fun. The best times are when you live with your friends and everything you need is in a few miles in a place with a ton of wood paneling. Anyway, my Mom used to go down there for work and she absolutely loved it. It was one of her happy places and she wanted to take my sister and me there for years. Well, years passed and we decided to go there for a week and I have to be honest-it was awesome! It was completely different than I thought and we loved every second of it.