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My experience with the Fit Part 2: Yoga

My experience with the Fit Part 2: Yoga

The Fit in Action

To recap: if you haven’t read my first blog on this I’m working with Lindsay from Find Where You Fit. Lindsay is a wonderful person who is starting a new business where she meets with clients and uses her fitness expertise to match people with fitness classes that match their interests and budgets. I was really interested to help her with this concept because I believe in supporting other women and it’s a great idea. If you struggle with the motivation to work out it’s nice to be in good hands. I’m also in an accountability and support group with other members of the Fit. I got a free class from the Beauty Boost through my membership and I’m excited to see what it is like. I’m going to a class about healthy shopping at a grocery store. Here’s some more info about The Fit, if you are interested in learning more. Again, I love Lindsay and I think she is brilliant.

Let Your Booty Do That Yoga

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Since I have limited funds, I delegated $50 a month on fitness (besides my personal training). This is not easy because you can spend a ton of money on fitness classes. I’ve found if you have a personal relationship with the people teaching something you are more motivated to come. Again, much like dating, fitness takes some time to find the right fit. I had talked to Lindsay about my back issues. After listening to my suggestions about finding places that were supportive and welcoming, had parking, and on the NW side of town, she suggested that I go to BeYoga. By the way, BeYoga is currently offering a $49 unlimited class pass for the first month for new clients. I signed up for a back health class because, why not? My back has been flaring up due to stress and I need to take better care of it. I went to the class and I feel lovely.

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Flexing like a yogi, drop it down with your hands up

Yoga and I have a lovely relationship. The first time I did it, I hated it. As someone who has a mind that races, it was really hard for me to concentrate. I also constantly sweat when I do it. I can’t wear those cute yoga sweaters and work out. I’m not a graceful person in any way, I’m always the one that the helpful teachers will correct form. Also, before I start talking about yoga I thought this was a really helpful article. I am trying to get better about this and be respectful of the culture. This is another awesome website. Namaste is one of the most beautiful phrases “the light in me recognizes the light in you.” I’ve loved a lot of people in this world. I heard that on a Saturday morning yoga class after a childhood friend of mine passed away. We had grown apart and she had a hard life. But that quote summed up my relationship with her. Sometimes you hear the right things at the right time. So on top of just being a beautiful practice, it also is something that requires so much focus that your mind can’t wander. I mean, it is such a gift to just focus and use your muscles. It’s crazy when you become aware of your body. I used to get runners high when I could run 5ks. You get that kind of high after a good yoga session. My body loves it. Again, I need core strength and yoga is great for that. When I was really into it, I could just do moves and listen to music. It is something I love doing and something that helps me be a better person. I love watching my friends practice. Oh, another thing, my friend Corey made a great point about yoga. It is where you are. If you can’t do something and you just want to be in child’s pose, do it. Your body your rules. Good teachers know this. This really helped me get over my fear of a. Looking weird and b. Failing. Yoga is hard. It’s about practicing and getting better. It takes time and practice to get better. I want to thank all the women who inspired me to get into yoga and all the amazing kinds of people with all kinds of bodies who practice.

“Anyone who practices can obtain success in yoga but not one who is lazy. Constant practice alone is the secret of success”.png

Yoga (Flex)

One thing I liked about BeYoga was that it had parking. Also, this week has thrown me a few curveballs so I got to meet my family for a quick bite in the shopping center before I went to the class. That meant a lot. It was easy to get to and it is close to home. Fun fact, the less stressful something is to get there the better for me. Especially during a week like this week. It smelled lovely and the studio had a welcoming presence. The teacher welcomed me and explained how things worked. She said that only I knew how my body worked and to only do things that felt right. All the teachers have a whiteboard where you can see what props you need. If you have back issues, you tend to get a lot of props. I actually found this amount of props manageable. The floor was also made of cork which made less resistance when you went in. The set up is interesting because it’s in a kind of circular design and there is a wall in the middle of the class. There are also mats set up for people. Which, again, I liked. It’s always awkward for me when I try to do spacing of mats you know? How close is too close? Do you talk to people? These had a nice amount of space to them. Oh, and they were far enough apart that you didn’t have to worry about hitting people if you are really tall and have long limbs. Thanks! It was laid out really well and all the mats were by a wall. The class was low impact and helpful. I felt much better by the time I was in Shivasana. Another really cool thing they had was cork yoga blocks that had a lot more density and support. I had never seen those before and I liked it for practical and eco reasons.

Cork yoga blocks.jpg

The Shavasana was actually the most comfortable I have ever been. There were a lot of props but she used them to their advantage. Like we used the strap to keep our legs together and there was a sandbag that just kept your legs in place as well. It was a nice kind of pressure. A lot of times when you are singled out as a person with back issues you get a trainee who literally gives you every prop ever (no offense to them but they are learning). The teacher knew what she was doing. One of the things she said, “things aren’t good, they aren’t bad, they just are.” Which I actually needed to hear today. She also said a lot of things went right but we focus on imperfections. That was really nice to hear because I get obsessed with things going wrong. Afterward, we got to get our hands splashed with lavender and orange oils. As you may know, I love some lavender. It was a good experience and I want to go back because my back does feel better and I have been stressed out. She also asked us to go to places that make us really happy. This is going to sound weird but I have been listening to my old iTunes on shuffle to see what I have. It just takes me back with songs that I love but one treat that keeps on popping up is all of these great XTC songs. So while my mind was trying to get to the “worry place,” I had this song stuck in my head. Also, if you Google me you know where I work and I work a lot with academic medicine. It made me laugh after work. It just takes me back. I remember listening to XTC with my family and it was such a 180 from most music I liked. I loved the lyrics and the songs were beautiful and quirky.

I just realized I used orange oil and this is from that album “Oranges and Lemons!” What a citrusy coincidence.

It was a really nice experience and I want to go back. Lindsay truly is a fitness maven. It’s been great getting to know Lindsay and discuss my workout goals with a community. It does add accountability with less stress. I appreciate it a lot.

lotus, yoga, Bhagavad Gita

Bend it never break it, baby watch and I’ma show ya

As you can see, my mind wanders but I really love yoga. I’ve been feeling like quite a few things are out of my control. It also helped me set up a healthy boundary this week. I could say “no I have a yoga class I want to go to.” I might have some friends who are actual yoga teachers speak their piece on why they do it and their best practices. I found this quote by Leonard Cohen that I feel describes being human and doing yoga. I love the idea of being a “balancing monster of love.”

“He can love the shape of human beings, the fine and twisted shapes of the heart. It is good to have among us such men, such balancing monsters of love.” Leonard Cohen.png

What’s the sweet workout jam I’ve been referencing?

Ok, so I love this song and I love Janelle Monae. The more I listen to her, the more inspired I get. She is at the forefront of fashion, music, and attitude. She’s also a gracious and beautiful person. I’m smitten with Ms. Monae. Every single one of her songs sounds different and she’s amazing. Whenever I do yoga I think of her and this song. She’s just fabulous.

If you have any suggestions for workout jams please let me know. It’s been fun using these as my headers.

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